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I’m Chip and I run a full-service firm. That means we keep your books, prepare your returns, and go to bat when you receive those letters from State and Federal tax agencies. Taxation with representation.

Why use us?

  • I’m a former tax auditor, revenue field agent, and current tax professor. 
  • I live and practice in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. 
  • I’m a CPA.
  • Wisconsin is a State that DOES NOT require a license, nor testing, to practice taxes. Would you see an unlicensed attorney, physician, or engineer? (The answer should be NO!)


Stellar Services


Whether you’re an employee, a sole-proprietor, a partner or a corporation – you need a professional to make sure you get the maximum refund allowable by law.


Your books and records tell a story. We use that story to show you where you are and where you are headed. Your books also support your taxes – income, sales, and payroll.


Why you? The government prefers to audit rather than to educate. It’s easier for the government, interest and penalties are involved, and they need money. So do you.

Company Creation

If you have a business, there is always risk. You need to limit your liability. An LLC or Corporation will help – even if you’re the only member of your club.

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♬ If you’re happy and you know it, keep your firm ♬

(My daughter loves that)

However, if you’re unhappy, unattended to, or using a seasonal or “big box” outfit, make the switch. Bring your prior year’s return and we’ll take 5% right off the top.

We serve Menomonie, Elk Mound, Knapp, Wheeler, Durand, Boyceville, Downsville, Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls and the entire United States. Seriously – we are licensed to practice in every state.

Fee Schedule

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Our pricing is competitive, our credentials are impeccable and we believe in transparency throughout the process.